Is Mitthu (TiktokParrot) sick and has feather picking issue?

Feather picking is not uncommon for African grey parrots and other parrots as well. The reasons they pick are not fully understood. It is an issue that has never been scientifically researched and at best has only been hypothesized. The research says, feather picking issue can be because of many reasons, it can be because of disease, stress, poor diet, abuse or neglect or even seasonal.

Let me assure you Mitthu (TiktokParrot) is not sick, he is very healthy and happy as you can see him in his videos. ๐Ÿ™‚

He has no disease and not stressed at all, as he is always around us (open 24 hrs) and we don’t lock him in the cage. In the beginning of year 2021, he had feather picking issue and that was because of the sudden weather change (summer started). However now his new feathers are growing back, he has become more fluffy and more handsome ๐Ÿ™‚

As all cases are not the same, therefore if your parrot is having feather issues, please consult with a certified avian veterinarian.

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