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Feathered Artists: The Aesthetics and Evolution of African Grey Parrot Plumage

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey to explore the evolution of African Grey Parrot plumage, uncovering the secrets behind their distinctive appearance and the role it plays in their natural habitat. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering an African Grey Parrot, you’d know that their exquisite plumage is nothing ... Read more

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The African Grey Parrots Personality

African Grey Parrots are the most popular parrots kept as pets by many people.Their popularity has something to do with their intelligence and their striking appearance. African grey parrots are very intelligent with a remarkable ability to copy different sounds. Their ability even extends to mimicking human speech. These parrots can talk human words and ... Read more

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African Grey Behavior: Understanding your Pets

African Grey parrots are great pets to have for two reasons: they are very intelligent and they can be trained to do all sorts of tricks. However, there are instances when your own African Grey parrot can misbehave at home. Discover the fascinating behavior of African Grey Parrots! Learn about their intelligence, social interactions, training, ... Read more

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From Jungle to Home: The Fascinating Journey of African Grey Parrots

Welcome to an exciting exploration of the captivating journey of African grey parrots from the jungle to our homes. These intelligent and charismatic birds have long been sought after as pets due to their exceptional talking abilities and charming personalities. Discover the captivating journey of African Grey Parrots, from the jungle to your home. Explore ... Read more

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Are African Grey Parrots Right For You?

Our cleaning lady keeps her cell phone with her, even while she works. One day, she was vacuuming the floor and her phone starting to ring. She didn’t hear it. Our pet, Mitthu, had associated telephones with the word “hello.” That’s what he hears after we pick up the phone so it’s a natural association. ... Read more

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