African Grey Parrot Temperament

African Grey Parrot (Mitthu) @TiktokParrot

African Gray Parrots are categorized into two sub-species – Congo African Gray and Timneh African Gray. Almost all the African Grays possess high intelligence and the ability to imitate and talk like humans. They also have the potential to mimic sounds and whistles. To enhance these skills, the African Grays need proper attention. However, this … Read more

African Grey Parrot Price & Owning Cost

African Grey Parrot Price

African grey parrots are highly sought after due to their high intellect, loyalty, and sociable nature. For these reasons, African greys build strong bonds with their owners. African grey parrots are relatively expensive birds, even though they’re among the most popular pet parrots. First things first, type of Grey Parrots? Most of the people do … Read more

African Grey Parrot’s Nail Biting

African Grey Parrot’s Nail Biting

Do you have an African Grey Parrot and he/ she does the same? Well, when my “Mitthu” (TiktokParrot) gets anxious he would bite his nails while strutting and “dancing” and displaying cockatoo displays. He does that if he wants something (but not exactly begging). He sometimes starts cleaning licking or biting his nails to get … Read more

Get an African Grey Parrot like me :)

The most talkative TikTok African Grey Parrot.

I’m Congo African grey parrot, real name is Mitthu however people know me as a TiktokParrot on the social media. African Greys are often viewed as one of the most intelligent species of parrots in the world. With minimal training, owners can teach them a wide variety of words and phrases. It’s little-known fact, however, … Read more

About me

The most talkative TikTok African Grey Parrot.

TiktokParrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot on TikTok who loves to talk and entertain. My real name is “Mitthu”, I was hatched on 27 Feb 2017. You can do the math now 🙂 I’m young, smart, and very talkative parrot, I would swear if hear the noises, I love to sing, dance, and … Read more