How to Train Your Parrot to Step Up or Down (Command)

How to Train Your Parrot to Step Up or Down (Command)

Dear Grey Lovers! I have received lots of messages and noticed lots of questions about how to have your bird step up. I thought I would write a quick post in here and hopefully this will help! Just as you train a young puppy to “sit” as one of his first commands, there is a … Read more

African Grey Parrot Price & Owning Cost

African Grey Parrot Price

African grey parrots are highly sought after due to their high intellect, loyalty, and sociable nature. For these reasons, African greys build strong bonds with their owners. African grey parrots are relatively expensive birds, even though they’re among the most popular pet parrots. First things first, type of Grey Parrots? Most of the people do … Read more

African Grey Parrots have their own likes & dislikes! (in Family members)

TiktokParrot (African Grey Parrot)

If you have African Grey Parrot, you will notice that your parrot has his/ her own favorite person in the house. He/ she will not be friendly or calm to everyone in the house, that’s how my Mitthu (TiktokParrot) behaves too. He does’t like everyone and his aggression levels are different, to some people he … Read more