Frequently Asked Questions from Tiktok Parrot

  • What is Tiktok Parrot real name?

    His original name is “Mitthu“, however people know him as “Tiktok Parrot” mainly on Tiktok platform.

  • What kind of parrot is "Mitthu" (TiktokParrot)?

    He is an African Grey Congo Parrot, his real name is “Mitthu”,

  • How old is Mitthu (TiktokParrot)?

    Mitthu (TiktokParrot) was hatched on 27 Feb 2017. You can do the math now 🙂

  • Price of Mitthu (TiktokParrot)

    Nah, he was not bought from the market/ shop or vet.

    He was adopted when he was around one year old, the previous owner could not take care of him and I adopted him from his previous keeper.

    To this day I do not know whether he was a captured bird or whether he was bred in captivity.

  • Is Tiktok Parrot a boy or a girl parrot?

    Initially his first owner didn’t know for sure. African Grey Parrots are monomorphic, meaning that the male and females look the same.

    When I adopted him from his previous owner and took him for the checkup (to the vet), they told that we can only determine the sex of an African Grey through DNA testing. From the physical examination, they said that he is a BOY 🙂

  • Why did you name him Tiktok Parrot?

    When I adopted him, I gave him the name “Mitthu” and when I made his first ever social media account on Tiktok, I picked the name “Tiktok Parrot” after going his several videos viral on Tiktok. At home we still call him “Mitthu” however on social media he is known as “Tiktok Parrot”.

  • Is Mitthu (TiktokParrot) sick and has feather picking issue?

    Feather picking is not uncommon for African grey parrots and other parrots as well. The reasons they pick are not fully understood. It is an issue that has never been scientifically researched and at best has only been hypothesized. The research says, feather picking issue can be because of many reasons, it can be because of disease, stress, poor diet, abuse or neglect or even seasonal.

    Let me assure you Mitthu (TiktokParrot) is not sick, he is very healthy and happy as you can see him in his videos. 🙂

    He has no disease and not stressed at all, as he is always around us (open 24 hrs) and we don’t lock him in the cage. In the beginning of year 2021, he had feather picking issue and that was because of the sudden weather change (summer started). However now his new feathers are growing back, he has become more fluffy and more handsome 🙂

    As all cases are not the same, therefore if your parrot is having feather issues, please consult with a certified avian veterinarian.

  • What is Mitthu (TiktokParrot) sleeping time?

    Usually he sleeps 10 to 11 hours at night when it gets dark, he only sleep when the room is totally dark. During daylight or when the lights are turn ON, he won’t sleep.

    Most of parrots need at least 10 hours of sleep a day. However, African Grey Parrots require at least 12 to 14 hours of sleep a day. Often, it is the incomplete and insufficient amount of sleep that leads to grumpiness and behavioral issues such as plucking their own feathers, in grey parrots.

  • How many languages "Mitthu" (TiktokParrot) can speak?

    “Mitthu” TiktokParrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot on TikTok who loves to talk and entertain. He has huge collection of words vocabulary and complete phrases in four different languages (English, Urdu, Arabic & Pashto).

  • How many social media platforms "Mitthu" (TiktokParrot) has joined?
    So far, he is mainly active on Tiktok as Tiktok was the very first platform where I created “Mitthu” (TiktokParrot) account. Then joined Instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube, pinterest & tumblr.  
  • Why started this website about Grey Parrot?

    The reason I have started this website is to share information and my own experience living with an African Grey Parrot.

    As you might know African greys have their own unique needs that need to be considered, and since they are fairly uncommon pets, information about them is not that readily available. You are not as likely to have a neighbor or friends with whom you can exchange information and experiences about African grey parrots as you are for cats or dogs, for example.

  • How to get in touch?

    If you have anything to say then please leave a comment under my blogs, even if it is to just say hello. If you have any questions then please ask and I will try to help to the best of my ability.

    The best way to get connected with me & other Grey lovers, to join our exclusive Grey’s community by clicking here!

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