An Avocado Killed My African Grey Parrot


It is with a heavy heart that I share the sad news that my beloved parrot, Mitthu (TiktokParrot), passed away at 9:38 AM on September 15th, 2021.

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I miss you so much

At this point, I am struggling to find the courage to say much about him. I will try to come back and edit this post later to share more about my beloved Mitthu. For now, I will keep it short and simply inform all those who loved my parrot, especially those who followed us on Tiktok.

Thank you for your support and love for my parrot. Every living thing must leave this world eventually. I used to share happy and playful videos of Mitthu on social media, and many people loved watching them. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that one day I would have to write about his death instead of sharing his joyful moments.

I recently took a break from Tiktok as I was busy with personal matters. I had planned to return soon and share more videos of Mitthu with everyone. But I never knew that I would be too late. My parrot left me before I could get back to Tiktok.

I feel like I am the one who caused his death. I blame myself since the moment he took his last breath in my arms. He was so strong, so healthy, and so happy, as seen in his videos. I never knew that one mistake could take him away from me.

Long ago, I did read about harmful food for birds and avocado was also one them, I even mentioned avocado in one of my previous blogs here. I got that that information from the internet. I never knew the fruits can be dangerous too. We usually eat all kind of fruits at home and I had no clue that this specific fruit which we eat can kill a bird.

Last night when I was eating avocado, my parrot (Mitthu) was craving for it & I gave him the avocado, even that time I had no slight idea in my head that avocado is bad for him. I don’t know why it just did not come in my mind that this avocado is not good for him.

I wish , I wish, I wish …… If it could occur in my mind for a second that this is harmful for him. I was just happy seeing my Mitthu (Parrot) is enjoying eating it, seeing him enjoying his fruit was making me happy.

The last food I gave him was avocado at night, I said good night to him and I went to my bed.

In the morning, when l when I went to my parrot’s room, I saw his face was totally changes, he hardly could stand on his feet. His eyes were like in shock, I quickly took him in my hands. He kept his head on my shoulder & I started thinking what has happened to my parrot over the night. When I said good night to him, that time he was completely all right.

Then I started thinking the only thing was I gave him food last night before sleeping and I remembered I fed him avocado. I quickly turned on my phone & started reading more about avocado while the parrot was just keeping his head on my shoulder.

I saw so many articles where people mentioned avocado can kill the birds, smaller birds can be dead in 30 minutes and bigger healthy birds can be dead in around 12 hours. I started counting the hours when I fed him the avocado and noticed it been almost 10 hours since he ate avocado.

His head on my scheduler and he was so peaceful, I never saw him that peaceful in his entire 7 years life. He was still alive but very calm and keeping his head on my scheduler. I was so helpless, looking at him.

I had my vet number and tried calling the vet, but on the phone, they said the doctor is out from the town for a week. Because I used to take my cats to that vet, so I had their landline number. Then I started searching nearby vet phone numbers but it was like getting too late as I saw my parrot was falling down from my scheduler.

Then I kept him on the table and tried to offer him water, but he was passing away too quickly, it all happened less 30 minutes since I woke up and saw him in that condition. I wish if he could stay a bit more longer so that I could contact more vet number.

I felt so helpless, knowing that my parrot is leaving me because of my own mistake, and I could not do anything about it. While he was on table taking last breaths, I was still trying my best to search in google how to help a parrot if ate avocado or at least find any homemade remedy.

While I was petting my parrot on his head, I was desperate to find some helpful tips on the internet before it gets too late. But the articles I was reading were saying, even a doctor can not do anything about it when the bird gets sick because of avocado. The only possibilities are if the doctor washes the stomach of the bird & wipe that poison from the stomach.

The time was so short, all was happening too fast, but sad, all the articles on the net I saw, were mentioning we must take the bird to the vet as soon as possible as there was no other cure or homemade remedy.

RIP My Mitthu

It was all happening too fast in less 30 minutes when I started noticing my parrot is taking his last breath. He became totally unconscious and took his last breath in my hands, his legs became hard & paws started shrinking towards inside.

All I could do cry and see him die; I wish, I wish, I wish if I could save him on any cost. I could sell my everything for him to get him recovered, I could give my own blood, my own kidney, my any organ if it could save him. I loved him so much, I can not express in words, but he wanted to go fast and did not give me a chance to help him.

I don’t know how I would live without you, why you left me so earlier

I can not write more about him, as it’s been a few hours since he has died. I am totally devastating now. I might come back here & write more about him. I would close all his social media accounts, but I would be keep renewing this website domain.

He will remain with me though his memories, I can not go to his social media accounts for a while, hope when the grief is somehow decreased, I might get back to this website to share more information & help other people who keep birds/ pets.

I beg you:-

I beg to everyone, please take care of your pets, even if they have long lifespan, but the small incident or our mistakes can kill our pets.

My Promise to my parrot; –

It was so hard burying you under the ground with my own hands, Ahhh 🙁

Please my lovely Mitthu (Parrot) forgive me, I feel I have killed you and not the avocado which killed you. I promise you; I would never eat avocado in my life as this fruit has taken you away from me. You have been so lovely, so adorable. You made me always laugh and not only me, you made so many people laugh in tiktok videos. You were so unique in many ways, there was not any other parrot on the internet who could talk like you. You will be missed forever, rest in peace my Mitthu, I LOVE you so much and I will keep loving you until I am alive. I don’t know why I forgot & did not think this avocado is not good for you, I was just happy seeing you eating & enjoying it. I wish if it could come in my stupid brain that I am poisoning you with my own hands. Please forgive me, my heart bleeds for you, I can not even look at your pictures & or videos. You left me like that, I would never stop blaming myself. But if you are seeing me spiritually, you can see what I have become, how I am living life every minute without you. It’s like a family member has died.

Update: 18th Sep 2021

I don’t know how it did not come up in my mind that avocado is not good for him when I was feeding him. I was so stupid, I feel like I have killed my parrot. I have so many regrets, I would never be able to forgive myself. I am the person who wrote blogs about parrots here, how to take care of birds blah blah blah and blah, and now look what I have done, I am the one who poisoned my parrot.
I loved my bird so much, he was so happy with me, as you can see in his videos, he was a very happy bird. He bit me many many many times to bleed but I never even slapped him or shouted at him. He was so close to my heart, I cared so much about him. I was buying the best bird food for him. In seven years, I locked him in the cage maybe two or three times & that is when we were moving apartments.

All the life he spent with me, I left him open, free without keeping him inside the cage. He had his room where he could fly from one corner to another & sit on his favorite spots in the room. I never wanted him to be inside the cage, I was keeping him happy as much as I could & offered him the best comfortable living style. But, my one mistake killed him. Still, I am thinking how it did not come up in my mind this fruit is not good for him, how it slipped out totally from my mind. I can only live with regrets & cry about it but can’t do anything else. I wish I could reverse the time….

It’s breaking my heart seeing some rude comments on the tiktok video, but I do not care, you can hate me or do whatever you want. I just shared the whole truth here to help many other pet owners. There are still lots of people out there with their pets, they do not know that avocado is so dangerous for their pets. Or if some people know but can be more careful after reading this. At least my voice would reach to them, maybe they will watch my tiktok video or read this article and learn the lesson from me. They will not do the same mistake I did & they will not cry in pain as I am right now.

I thank all those people who are praying & giving me courage during this grief I am going through. Because I wanted to tell the truth my parrot fans and they had the right to know what has happened to the parrot they were following on Tiktok. This article will help lots of people to learn from my mistake, I would save so many pets out there which I would never even know. That’s what I can do now, helping others & spread awareness through my broken words.)

Update: 24th Feb 2023

I received thousands of message from people, 95% messages were positive and 5% of people were telling me, I ‘m the cause of my parrot’s death. I know that, I am not denying that fact that I made a huge mistake and did not do intentionally . Some of the best messages I received, gave me so much console and I would like to mention them here.

I am deeply sorry for your loss. Losing a beloved pet can be incredibly difficult and I can only imagine the pain you must be feeling right now. It’s clear from your words that Mitthu was not just a pet, but a cherished companion and source of joy in your life.

It’s understandable that you are struggling with feelings of guilt and regret, but it’s important to remember that you did not intentionally harm your pet. You made a mistake, as we all do from time to time. It’s unfortunate that the consequences were so severe, but please don’t blame yourself for what happened.

I want to assure you that you are not alone in this. Many pet owners have made similar mistakes without realizing the potential dangers. It’s important to do research and consult with a veterinarian before introducing any new foods to your pets, especially if they are not part of their usual diet.

Please take all the time you need to grieve and heal. Losing a pet is never easy, but I hope that in time you will be able to look back on your memories of Mitthu with fondness and gratitude for the time you had together.

14 thoughts on “An Avocado Killed My African Grey Parrot”

  1. Hallo,

    ich kann meine Nachricht leider nur auf deutsch schreiben… ich komme aus Deutschland und mein Englisch ist leider nicht so besonders gut.

    Mir fehlen die Worte über diese Nachricht. Ich weiß ehrlich gesagt nicht, was ich schreiben soll. Kein Wort der Welt kann euch den Schmerz nehmen. Kein Wort der Welt kann zur Zeit trösten. Dennoch versuche ich, euch ein paar liebe Worte zu schreiben.

    Es tut mir von Herzen leid! Ich habe eure Videos geliebt und bin umso trauriger über diese Nachricht.

    JEDER macht Fehler…und eben nun das mit der Avocado. Deshalb sollte man NIEMALS jemanden dafür verurteilen. Ging mir mit meinem Chamäleon ähnlich. Ich habe ihn überfüttert mit Mehlwürmer, da er keine Heuschrecken mehr angenommen hat, und hat Probleme mit der Leber bekommen. Mein Tierarzt (ich war sogar bei mehreren Tierärzten) versuchte alles, ihn aufzupäppeln, leider erfolglos und er starb im Alter von 3 Jahren… 🙁

    Ich kann euch nur mein herzlichstes Beileid aussprechen und euch ganz viel Kraft wünschen.

    I‘m so sorry 🥺💔🦜

    Best regards

    • Vielen Dank Melanie für Ihr Verständnis. Ich habe einmal über Avocado gelesen, aber ich habe die Liste der schädlichen Artikel, die ich gelesen habe, völlig vergessen. Ich wünschte, ich wünschte, ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass diese Avocado manchmal schädlich ist, während ich ihn fütterte. Ich war einfach glücklich zu sehen, wie er es genoss. Jetzt leide ich unter Konsequenzen, aber ich habe hier die ganze Wahrheit geteilt, damit viele Leute mit Haustieren sich dessen vielleicht nicht bewusst sind und wenn sie diesen Blog sehen, werden sie sich dieser gefährlichen Killerfrucht bewusst. Ich könnte mehr Tierleben retten, indem ich die Wahrheit teile, sogar einige Leute verprügeln mich übel auf Tiktok. Sie haben das Recht, wütend auf mich zu sein, auch wenn ich mir nicht verzeihe, ich würde mir nie vergeben. Aber die Wahrheit muss gesagt werden, um andere kostbare Leben zu retten.

      Es tut mir sehr leid, von Ihrem Chamäleon zu hören. Ich bin sicher, Sie wollten nie, dass das passiert, aber es ist passiert. Du wolltest deinen Chamäleon sehen und wolltest nie, dass er leidet. Fehler passieren, aber manchmal können sie nicht rückgängig gemacht werden.

      Bleiben Sie gesegnet und danke, dass Sie mir die Konsole gegeben haben.
      Ich habe Google Übersetzer verwendet, um Ihnen auf Deutsch zu antworten. Ich hoffe, Sie verstehen, was ich für Sie schreiben wollte.

    • Thank you Bee for your understanding. I read once about avocado but I totally forgot the list of items I read which are harmful. I wish, I wish if it could occur for a half second in my mind that time while I was feeding him. I was just happy seeing him enjoying it. Now I am suffering consequences, but I shared all truth here so that lots of people with pets maybe are not aware of this and when they see this blog, they will be aware of this dangerous killer fruit. I might save more pet lives by sharing the truth, even some people are bashing me badly on Tiktok. They have the right to be angry on me, even I am not forgiving myself, I would never forgive myself. But the truth has to be told to save other precious lives.

  2. Oh, bird mama, I am so so sorry. I felt your agony in every word of this and it brought tears to my eyes. I cannot imagine. We unexpectedly had to say goodbye to our dog, who had been with me for 12 years, since I was a child. She was sick and we could tell, but she was okay, and in 2 days, we had to put her down because she was in such bad condition. It is a horrible, deep pain. It has been a month and I am still grieving. I still cry when I see pictures of her…give yourself time to heal. Mistakes happen. Horrible ones. You need to give yourself some leeway…you clearly loved this bird with everything in you, and you would have never done something to harm them. We are only human and sometimes we just aren’t thinking straight especially late at night. I’m sending you a lot of love and healing. Please, please forgive yourself. It’s okay to feel guilt, but it’s important to also not blame yourself horribly. Like I said, we are only human.

    You gave him the best life in his 7 years. He passed away in your arms, where I am positive he felt happy and safe…he loved you and you gave him a wonderful life. When you look around, you can see him in everything, as he has returned to the earth and become one with it again. You will never be truly without him ❤️ This is what we believe in Buddhism. So whenever I see a beautiful flower or a ray of sunshine, I can see my dog in that beauty, and I remember that she will always be with me in everything I do, since her energy has returned. She is one with everything around us now, and so is your birdie.

    • Hi Morgan, your comment made me cry and comfortable as well. I am so sorry to hear about your lovely dog.
      Yes, mistakes happen and we never want to do it but it happens. It just did not occur in my mind that moment when I was feeding him avocado, I wish if I could come up in my mind. I just feel so broken, I loved my bird so much. He was so healthy and happy with me. My day was starting with him & day was ending with him, we were so close to each other and now I am left alone. I do not hear his noise around me and I feel so alone with him. I wish if I could reserve the time back but I am helpless. My bird and your dog are together now and they are watching us crying, I am sure they can see that we still love them so much, remember them all the time and we are in deep sorrow without them.

  3. Awww RIP in peace cute birdie. Mittu <3

    I know you mentioned that you knew previously that avocados are not good at the beginning, but still gave it to him because your bird was craving it? If a baby craves something, doesn't mean we give it. I'm really confused why you fed it to him despite knowing. 🙁 Lets hope he rests well now.

    "I would never eat avocado in my life" well this doesn't mean you shouldn't, but in fact that you should never give it to a bird.

    • Hi Mini, I told the truth everyone. If I keep the truth hidden, it means I am hurting my bird soul. It is my purely mistake I fed him avocado as he was enjoying eating it and I was happy to see him enjoying it.
      It did not occur even for a half second in my mind that this avocado is bad for him. If it could come up in my main, I could stop feeing him. I loved my bird so much, I would never ever wanted him to get hurt. But I am so much regretting and I will never forgive myself. This pain will be keep hurting me whole life, I fed him something harmful, I do not know why it did not come up in my mind the fruit I am giving is harmful.
      If you notice, in our daily routine life, we sometimes forget keys in office or in car or at home and even mobiles or wallets. These are VERY important and basic needs of our life but still we forget in some places. Same thing happened to me, it did not come up in my mind at all that avocado is bad for him. I still regret so much and its hurting me so much but I am helpless and I can not reverse the time back.

  4. What kind of pain are you going through right now, I can feel this is a very painful moment. i miss my sonu too .I cried a lot on the death of your Mitthu 😭😭😭

    • Thanks for your kind words and feeling my pain, I know how you felt when you lost your Sonu. It really hurts so much, I never knew losing a pet can be that painful.
      I was so much attached to my parrot, my day was starting with him and night was ending with him. I still can not go back to his social media accounts. Sometimes I feel I really want to see his videos and as soon I open his videos on tiktok, I start crying. I will never ever forgive myself. I regret so much, because of my mistake, I lost my lovely bird. I wish if I could save his life at any cost, I could do anything for him to save his life but I did not get time and it was all happening too fast. I miss him so much, Mitthu and Sonu are together now…….

  5. My heart hurts for the loss of your gray. My name is Cindy & I have a African gray ,Magenta . I watch the video so I can further my relationship with her. She is 17years old. I adopted her when she was 1 1/2 yrs. I knew nothing about parrot s. We still are working on things. My family has been jealous her. I do see so many ways to work with her. I know you are so saddened by this but maybe some day you can be the mommy to another parrot who needs to be loved. Take care.

    • Thank you for your kind words, glad to know you have beautiful (Magenta) African Grey bird. You kept her for so long and now she is 17 years old, I am sure you are a very good keeper and know well which things are good for the bird and which are harmful.
      Yes, losing a pet is so painful specially if when we are too attached to the pet. I still can not get over this grief, many people say to me that he was just a bird. But they can not understand, love is love and it can be in any shape. I loved my bird so much, I can not express my feelings in words. I am regretting so much, I wish if it could occur that moment in my mind that avocado is bad for him. I will never ever forgive myself. And this will be keep hurting me whole life….

  6. Sorry for my English, it’s my second language. Hello mama bird, I hope you are recovering from this difficult situation. I know exactly how you feel, I also had a parakeet. His name was Boggie, we were inseparable, we did everything together. He also died in my hands, six months ago he was hit by a car and I still have not fully recovered. Take your time, I know you think it is your fault, but it is NOT. It was an accident, we couldn’t have know that was going to happen, and if we could have, I know we would’ve done everything we could to keep them save. But remember they will be with us until the day we die and then we’ll meet them again. He will be with you every second, he still loves you with all his heart … your post made me cry a lot, I send you my good wishes so you can recover and remember: it was not your fault, it was an accident, and he knows it, he will be with you spiritually, always and forever. Rest in peace 🤍

    • Thank you Isabella for your kind words. I am so sorry to hear about your Boggie as well.
      Yes, it hurts a lot, losing a pet, only memories just remain and we feel helpless 🙁
      And sometimes we have to live with regrets!!!


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