Best Ways to Socialize an African Grey Parrot

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So, since my Mitthu (TiktokParrot) is still young, he is very bright & learns fast, it’s very important to start socializing him now which I am trying my best to do so 🙂

If your bird is scared of people, you need to still socialize them but at a much slower pace!

For a timid bird, they need confidence building (which can be done through food finding toys) as well as slow progression. Just seeing other people is a good step for a timid bird or being in another room to hear the socialization of a party of people but not being thrown into the midst of them is good too because it’s not so threatening.

African grey parrots are known as one of the most intelligent types of birds. Since they’re not happy staying in a cage all day, it’s important to socialize them with other people.

Introduce your pet to a few friends so your bird becomes comfortable around new people. From there, you can expose your African grey to new environments. Remember that it’s also important for you to bond with your parrot. Spend time talking or playing with your African grey daily.

Bonding with Your African Grey Parrot is extremely important to you and your family. Try to place the parrot’s cage in a safe place. Give your African grey a chance to look at its new environment by putting the cage in an active space in your house. The cage should be elevated so your bird has a better view of the room, and may even be able to look out the window.

You might put the cage against a wall or corner so it can see all around the room. Avoid putting the cage in direct sunlight, or it may get too hot. You should also avoid the kitchen since your bird might breathe in dangerous fumes from non-stick pans and Teflon. Your living room may be a good place to keep your African grey’s cage.

Be quiet around the cage for the first few weeks. Keep in mind that your bird may feel a little overwhelmed by its new surroundings for a little while. If your bird seems frightened or upset, you could place it in a quieter part of the room for a few days while it adjusts. Move the bird’s cage back to a busier part of the house once it’s become more comfortable in its new home.

Begin socializing your bird at an early age. If you’re caring for a baby African grey parrot, start to socialize it even before it’s weaned. Your parrot will develop healthy behaviors and become a better companion than if you wait too long.

We can talk a lot about this topic and still it won’t be enough, therefore I am trying to keep the articles short and to the point, for now here are some quick tips for getting your bird to like other people:

  • Introduce new people early on when your bird is still young (under one year is best)
  • Use your parrot’s favorite treat to get him to step up on new people
  • Have friends, family, co-workers and kids feed your bird it’s favorite treat
  • If your bird is hand feeding, make sure more than one person is doing the hand feeding
  • Let your parrot hear other people in the room and get used to voices and noises (laughing, coughing, sneezing, etc)
  • Put your parrot’s cage in a space that people use a lot or walk by often so it gets used to numerous people in the household
  • Have other people cue your parrot to do certain tricks he loves
  • Target train your bird to step up on new people

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