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Okay, so you have an African Grey parrot sitting in your living room. You have a parrot with intelligence levels that are among the highest in the bird world, and you figured you wanted more than a living, breathing figurine in a cage in your house.

Here’s the good news. African Grey parrots are highly sociable creatures. They don’t need a lot of prodding to get playful—in fact, toys are required for them to keep their mental functioning at its optimum.

They don’t like being lonely, and if they’ve gotten used to human presence, they’re going to appreciate constant, regular interaction with their owners from time to time. The need for play is more than a source of amusement for your birds, it’s also based on a need for socialization with other beings.

This is why it’s a good thing to keep your parrot with another bird. You could get a parakeet for instance, and move their cages near each other so they can squawk and click to their hearts’ content. This is a good idea for when you leave the house.

African Grey Parrots can get nervous when left alone, and another bird in the immediate vicinity will help ease that apprehension. If getting another bird is not a feasible option, leave the television or radio on to keep your parrot company.

So how exactly do you play with an African Grey Parrot?

So how exactly do you play with an African Grey Parrot?

The best thing to do would be to get your pet African Grey a couple of toys. Most pet owners recommend colorful toys that parrots can manipulate, like building blocks.

Toys that light up and make a lot of sounds are also good. Try not to give them too many toys at once—three to four every day is acceptable, though you should try to rotate different toys so as not to bore your parrot with the same old stuff.

Second, at least an hour’s interaction with your parrot is ideal. Let the African Grey out of its cage and allow it to perch on your fingers. Playtime can consist of physical exercises that your bird may enjoy, such as flapping exercises, or you might teach him how to talk.

Allow the bird to let off some steam before beginning playtime outside of its cage. The parrot’s tendency to stretch its wings should not be hampered. This is necessary so the bird gets to level some of its excitement down, and lessens the tendency of you getting scratched or bitten.

When playing with an African Grey Parrot, remember not to make any sudden noises or flash any bright lights in its eyes. This will make the bird jittery and might result in either one of you getting hurt. Remove any jewelry or any sharp, shiny objects from yourself or the immediate vicinity.

Keep your movements gentle and your voice steady. Always remember that the key to building a good relationship with your parrot is establishing trust.

Do African greys like to play?

African Grey parrots enjoy playing and engaging in various activities. They are highly intelligent birds that require mental stimulation, social interaction, and physical activity to stay happy and healthy.

These birds benefit from a variety of toys, training sessions, interactive games, and quality time spent with their human caregivers. Providing an enriching environment with diverse play opportunities is essential for their overall well-being.

7 Ways To Play With Your African Grey

In this section, we’ll explore the captivating world of African Grey parrots and their unique playtime preferences. As highly intelligent and social creatures, these birds thrive on interactive play and mental stimulation.

Dive into our guide to discover seven engaging activities that will not only strengthen your bond with your feathered friend but also contribute to their overall well-being and happiness. Let’s get ready for some fun with your African Grey, here are the 7 tips on how to play with your African Grey parrots and keep them entertained:

  1. Toys: Provide a variety of toys for your African Grey, including puzzle toys, foraging toys, and chewable toys made of safe materials like wood and rope. Rotate the toys regularly to keep your parrot interested and engaged.

  2. Training and tricks: Teach your African Grey simple tricks like stepping up onto your hand, waving, or turning around. Use positive reinforcement with treats and praise to encourage your parrot to learn new behaviors.

  3. Mimicry and talking: African Greys are known for their exceptional talking and mimicking abilities. Encourage your parrot to talk and mimic sounds by repeating words or phrases to them and rewarding them with treats when they mimic you.

  4. Tactile play: Gently scratch or preen your parrot’s head, neck, and back to strengthen your bond and provide physical contact. Some African Greys may also enjoy playing with a soft cloth or towel, which can be used for gentle wrestling or tugging games.

  5. Interactive games: Play games like “fetch” or “hide and seek” by hiding a favorite toy or treat and encouraging your parrot to find it. You can also roll a small ball towards your African Grey and see if they push it back to you.

  6. Out-of-cage time: Allow your African Grey to spend time outside of their cage in a safe, bird-proofed area. Provide perches, climbing structures, and toys for them to explore and play with during their out-of-cage time.

  7. Social interaction: Spend quality time with your African Grey every day, talking, and interacting with them. Parrots are social creatures, and bonding with their human caregivers is an essential part of their overall well-being.

Remember that each African Grey parrot is unique and may have its own preferences when it comes to playtime. Be patient and observe your bird’s reactions to different types of play, adjusting your approach accordingly.

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