The Most Swearing Parrot

The Most Swearing Parrot

I’m “Mitthu” known as “TikTok Parrot” on social media, I was hatched on 27 Feb 2017. You can do the math now 🙂

I’m a male African Grey parrot, the grey parrot, also known as the Congo grey parrot, Congo African grey parrot or African grey parrot, is an Old World parrot in the family Psittacidae. The Timneh parrot once was identified as a subspecies of the grey parrot but has since been elevated to a full species.
I love talking a lot, I’m not only so talkative but also swear a lot. I know swearing is not a good thing but swearing doesn’t mean that I am a bad boy 🙂

I recently joined Tiktok my first ever social media platform, the aim was to see other people’s pets as well and share mine videos with them. After watching many parrots account on Tiktok, I noticed that I am the unique parrot on TikTok who talks a lot and have a huge vocabulary of words & phrases, not only that, I can speak words & phrases in 4 different languages (English, Urdu/ Hindi, Pashto & Arabic).
In just two months, on Tiktok my many videos went viral, I received 1.5M likes and close to 100K fans this time. I’m amazed to see people are giving me so much love and they love to request words from me. I try my best to make videos on their demands and mention them on their requested videos.
Parrots like me, African grey is one of the most talented talking/ mimicking birds on the planet.
My keeper loves me to bits, takes good care of me, and I make him smile by singing, doing funny acts, and even swearing. Usually, I’m a very calm bird, I do not swear all the time but when I hear the sudden noise which freaks me out then I start swearing.

You can watch
Usually, parrots learn their vocalizations. Wild parrots learn their calls from each other so they can vocally identify particular individuals at a distance, communicate with each other, and maintain flock cohesion. Many parrot species learn to imitate sounds made by other birds as well as a variety of sounds in their environment. Lacking both a natural soundscape and a proper parrot culture to draw from, captive parrots instead learn calls from their human companions, who take the place of their wild flock.
Humans, being what they are, tend to swear in moments of intense emotion. Parrots, being what they are, imitate passionate outbursts. Thus, most people probably don’t intentionally teach their parrots to swear. But once they can swear, a parrot cannot be “untaught”, any more than a toddler can be untaught swear words. Like humans, parrots are eager to please their flock so when particular sounds amuse their humans, they continue to produce them. As a result, the inability of some people to control their emotional vocal outbursts in the presence of a companion parrot adds to a growing tragedy.

You can watch some of my swearing videos by clicking here and that page will be regularly updating as soon I post a new video on my Tiktok Account.

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